55 Park St #2, Milo, ME 04463 (See Map)

Owned by: Amanda and Dave Butterfield

Milo Tradewinds Market Place

Like all of our locations we offer a state-of-the-art Citgo fueling station. As another convenience for the community we operate Tradewinds Laundromat across the street.
At Tradewinds Market, we offer an Agency Liquor Store, we are full lottery agents and offer propane through an exchange program. Drop into our Customer Service Department to see the many ways we can be of assistance to you.

Come in for a shopping experience and be prepared to save money through our Hannaford distribution and large host of local vendors. Even during the hardest of economic times we are proud to say, that through our Hannaford distribution, we can offer the same prices as found in Bangor.

At Tradewinds Markets, we offer the freshest of custom cut meats from our Butcher Shoppe, fresh seafood right off the dock, a crisp and crunchy huge produce section, a large selection of wines and beverages and a complete line of Hannaford Brand Products. We also offer fresh baked goods, a large freezer section, and a complete delicatessen. And not to forget to mention, Tradewinds Market is the home of the much talked about very popular Beer Cave.

At Tradewinds Market, we are a Maine owned and operated business. We are proud to serve the residents of the Milo area and beyond reaching out cheerfully to the surrounding communities north of Bangor. We are able to make decisions close to home and to reinvest earnings in our own communities.

Services at Milo


The produce department at Tradewinds Market Place is fully stocked with a large selection of healthy, fresh and often organic products. We take great pride in purchasing only the freshest produce and we always maintain a standard that it is fresh when it comes to our doors and remains fresh for our customers on our shelves.

You will find our produce selection and the choices we have to offer to be as large as the some of the largest in the state.At Tradewinds Market Place, we support our local farmers and are committed to local trade which strengthens our communities.Craving fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, bananas, apples, oranges or so much more, stop by to experience our fresh fruit.

In the need for fresh pesto, native corn, squash, broccoli, Maine Potatoes, asparagus, carrots or tomatoes, come on in and visit Tradewinds Market Place. And don’t forget about our fresh salads such as assortments of mixed greens, spinach and romaine. or our specialty products rarely found in most supermarkets.

And ask us about our veggie platters made to order.

Meat & Seafood

At Tradewinds Market Place, we take great pride in our full service meat department featuring fresh ground beef, western beef, all natural and fresh chicken, lean pork in a large variety of specific cuts as well as many other choices.

As important as our quality meats, our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and eager to answer any questions you have to fulfill your request. Our meat department staff at Tradewinds Marketplace is also ready to serve you with any custom cuts, provide advise you on freezer purchases and recommend what’s hot on the grill this summer.


Bistro Steaks, Delmonico, Fresh Ground Beef, N.Y. Sirloin, Roasts, Sirloin Strip Steak, Tenderloin, and much more…


All Natural Breast, Boneless Breast, Bone-in Breast, Legs and Thighs, Whole Chickens Roasters, Wings, and more…


Boneless Chops, Boneless Roasts, Center Cut Chops, Pork Tenderloins, Ribs, and much more…


Our seafood is delivered fresh from the ocean docks throughout the week.

We have live lobsters available year round! Please call in advance if your considering a large quantity of lobsters and we’ll be sure to have them for you.

We also carry an assortment of shellfish including clams, fresh crab meat, shrimp, scallops and other seafood.

How about Atlantic or Alaskan salmon, tuna, swordfish or haddock for dinner tonight as examples of what we might have fresh in stock today.


At Tradewinds Marketplace we prides ourselves on our International Deli & Bakery. If it’s freshness you desire then come and visit our deli department at Tradewinds. Our deli products are always fresh and sliced exactly the way you like it.

Our bakery produces fresh breads, muffins, rolls and a host of other baked products that comes from our ovens on a daily basis.

Thinking of fresh black forest turkey, lemon pepper chicken, shaved roast beef, honey or smoked ham, or one of our many loafs we have plus so much more. How about our cheeses which range from american, provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, cheddar and many others. Or, take a look at our international flair and test your taste buds for the more unique products we stock.

We also have a large selection of packaged meats and cheeses along with hot dogs, sausages of all styles,bacon as well as everything else found in the largest grocery chains.

We also prepare ready made foods such as rotisserie chicken, Italian sandwiches and pizza. This is just a couple of examples and have a huge selection of salads dishes, side dishes and other favorites.

We also enjoy preparing fresh made deli and finger sandwich platters for just about any occasion.The staff in our deli are very well trained and always look forward to serving you.

Always feel free to check out our weekly circular to find some outstanding savings on our deli products.


Tradewinds is pleased to announce that they have opened a well-needed, state-of-the-art Laundromat at our Milo location. The facility can be found across the street from the Tradewinds Market complex.

At Tradewinds Laundromat, you’ll find a range of washers and dryers including energy efficient front-end loading washers and commercial dryers.

A theme considered throughout the renovation process was to provide “all the comforts of home.” At Tradewinds Laundromat you’ll find a very comfortable seating area with a nice selection of reading material.

You’ll also find we have added cable television for our customers entertainment. And in recognition of today’s technology and all of the internet ready devises that people have, we’ve made Tradewinds Laundromat a WiFi hotspot for free access to the web.

You’ll also find a nice selection of detergents, softeners and other laundry products, as well as a change dispenser.

Citgo Fuels

Tradewinds has become a retailing partner with Citgo Fuels at our four locations in Maine and we are proud to offer a quality state-of-the-art fuel station in Milo. We are also pleased to announce that our fuel customers in Milo can participate in our fundraising program, whereby one penny for every gallon purchased is donated to local charities.

CITGO has nearly 6,000 branded retail outlets in 27 states and sells approximately 6.5 billion gallons of refined products, according to the Citgo official website. “We know gasoline. That’s why we can offer you some help in choosing the grade of gasoline that’s right for your vehicle”.

The Citgo Guarantee
“Good Gas. Guaranteed”
“We guarantee reliable, high-quality fuel that meets the performance needs of your engine.
That is what we deliver in all grades of CITGO gasoline. Good Gas. Guaranteed”.

We offer cash/debit card discounts at the pump and we’re open 24 hours a day!