At Tradewinds, we do want to hear from you   Location contacts


Variety Stores

Orland  phone: 207-469-0663   Email:

Hampden phone: 207-862-0147

Bangor phone: 207-573-4661

Brewer phone: 207-907-2220

Veazie  phone:  207-922-2754

Ellsworth phone 207-664-1753

Old Town phone 207-817-0515

Eddington phone 207-843-0304

Norridgewock  phone 207-634-0051



Car Wash and Pet Wash

Brewer Car-wash  phone 207-992-2897

Bangor Car-wash  phone 207-942-7884


Trade Winds Variety Plus & Market Place


Calais Shop’N Save   phone 207-454-7788  Email

Clinton Market Place phone 207-426-8555

Milo Market Place  phone 207-943-8855

Blue Hill Market Place  phone 207-374-5137


For any corporate questions, please feel free to contact Office 207-989-1999

-Owner Chuck Lawrence at (207) 356-2526 or send an email to

-General Manager of Variety Store Operation  Dustin Lawrence (207)-356-9803

or can use the form below: