Anchor Deli

Welcome to the Anchor Deli!

This Anchor Deli menu is only available at the following Tradewinds locations

Eddington, Orland, Hampden, Brewer, Veazie, Old Town, Bangor and Ellsworth

Happy hour specials only available at Brewer, Bangor, Veazie, Old Town, Hampton, Eddington, Ellsworth, Calais and Orland locations.

Broaster,  “Chicken Perfected”

Because it’s pressure fried, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is more tender and juicier, and tastes better than open-fried chicken. Pressure frying uses a sealed, pressurized environment, like a pressure cooker, in which foods are cooked in our unique Broaster Foods Canola Oil. Pressure frying seals in more of the foods’ natural flavors and seals out more of the oil.

* Study found that energy consumption per pound of chicken cooked was reduced up to 48% with pressure frying while the maximum production rate of cooked chicken per hour was 2 to 3 times greater than that of open frying.      *