Tradewinds Markets is a Maine owned and operated business. Our first location was opened in Blue Hill, and we’ve been expanding ever since. We now operate 13 locations across Maine.



TradeWinds Markets have been forged to be a showplace shopping experience harboring great values, while serving our community and its crew.

In the pursuit of this mission objective, Tradewinds strives to meet these additional objectives:

  • To be involved in our own community whenever possible.
  • To, whenever possible, promote from within by outlining a career path for each crew member.
  • To provide all of our crew with a state of the art healthy and wholesome atmosphere where each can perform his/her clearly assigned duties. This supportive atmosphere includes not only physical surroundings but also understanding supervisory attitudes, sensible actions and clearly understood communications.
  • To make sure that everyone in our fleet knows what is expected of them, and that each is, in turn, properly compensated for the execution of their duties.
  • To take a proactive role in the communities by allowing our customers to help provide to those in need through “Pumped UP to Fight Cancer program” as well as numerous school and community programs.
  • We recognize that our customers are the only reason for our existence and that serving them courteously and conducting our operation in an ethical and legal manner is the responsibility of each crew-mate.

 Chuck Lawrence, Owner