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Tradewinds Market supports local home-grown produce whenever possible by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons from local growers in  Maine.   

We also maintain the strictest of specifications and the highest standards in quality in terms of color, size and quality of all produce regardless of whether it is at the beginning or at the end of the growing season. We accept only the best for our customers. Our Produce Manager inspects all fruits and vegetables daily to ensure only the freshest produce is sold.


Tradewinds Market carries a full line of fresh seasonal and everyday fruits to help your family stay fit and healthy. Whether you’re looking for bananas, apples and oranges or mangoes, kiwis or cocktail tomatoes, Tradewinds  Market supplies a wide range of fruits for a healthy diet.


Vegetables abound in the Tradewinds  Produce Department. We carry everything from potatoes and onions to leeks and fresh herbs. There is an almost endless number of choices in our produce department. Plus, we also stock seasonally fresh vegetables like tender snow peas, ripe zucchini, summer squashes and whenever possible, locally grown blueberries, blackberries and other produce selections.

Our produce staff at Tradewinds Market is highly trained and knowledgeable in helping shoppers with their produce needs and understands that you expect only the finest. Visit our produce department today with confidence; knowing you just selected the best fresh fruits and vegetables available.

Also, feel free to ask us about our fruit baskets and fruit and veggie platters!

Be sure to check out our fruit and vegitable specials in the weekly sales flyer  for the best possible prices at Tradewinds Market.