The produce department at Tradewinds Market Place is fully stocked with a large selection of healthy, fresh and often organic products. We take great pride in purchasing only the freshest produce and we always maintain a standard that it is fresh when it comes to our doors and remains fresh for our customers on our shelves.
You will find our produce selection and the choices we have to offer to be as large as the some of the largest in the state.
At Tradewinds Market Place, we support our local farmers and are committed to local trade which strengthens our communities.

Craving fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, bananas, apples, oranges or so much more, stop by to experience our fresh fruit.
In the need for fresh pesto, native corn, squash, broccoli, Maine Potatoes, asparagus, carrots or tomatoes, come on in and visit Tradewinds Market Place. And don’t forget about our fresh salads such as assortments of mixed greens, spinach and romaine. or our specialty products rarely found in most supermarkets.
And ask us about our veggie platters made to order.