Deli & Bakery

At Tradewinds Marketplace we prides ourselves on our International Deli & Bakery. If it’s freshness you  desire then come and visit our deli department at Tradewinds. Our deli products are always fresh and sliced exactly the way you like it.

Our bakery produces fresh breads, muffins, rolls and a host of other baked products that comes from our ovens on a daily basis.
Thinking of fresh black forest turkey, lemon pepper chicken, shaved roast beef, honey or smoked ham, or one of our many loafs we have plus so much more. How about our cheeses which range from american, provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, cheddar and many others. Or, take a look at our international flair and test your taste buds for the more unique products we stock.
We also have a large selection of packaged meats and cheeses along with hot dogs, sausages of all styles, bacon as well as everything else found in the largest grocery chains.
We also prepare ready made foods such a baked chicken, burgers and breakfast sandwiches as just a couple of examples and have a huge selection of salads dishes, side dishes and other favorites.
We also enjoy preparing fresh made deli and finger sandwich platters for just about any occasion.
The staff in our deli are very well trained and always look forward to serving you.
Always feel free to check out our weekly circular to find some outstanding savings on our deli products.