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When you visit the Tradewinds Market meat department and Butcher Shoppe, you will find some of the highest-quality meats like Certified Angus Beef ®,  USDA Choice Beef, and USDA Grade A Poultry. These are the same kind or grades you will find in all the best restaurants.  

Our commitment to bringing you the best doesn’t end here at Tradewinds Market. We also cater to a diverse range of customer needs including extra thick and thin specialty cuts,  pre-cooked meats for those in a hurry and marinated or infused meats ready for the grill.   

Our relationship with Hannaford and their dedication to the highest quality means that our meat department ensures that we meet the highest of quality standards.

Excellent Customer Service
If you have any questions, our team at the Tradewinds meat department can offer you invaluable help on all your meat, fish and poultry choices.  Whether it’s for a holiday celebration, your next meal or a dinner party, if you need advice on what to buy, how to prepare it,  then please feel free to ask.

If you need a custom cut, help with filleting or trimming, or just some advice on food safety and storage, we would be happy to help you.  

Like all departments at Tradewinds Markets, if you are looking for something and we do not currently stock it, please feel free to talk to us and we’ll see if we can accommodate your requests.

Also, please browse our weekly sales flyer for some great savings on items from our meat department.

Also please check out our seafood section and the sales items we have from greatness of the sea.