All Paws Pet Wash

 Now in three of our five locations, Tradewinds has added the latest in pet care, a self service pet wash. You can find this convenient Pet Wash near the car wash at Tradewinds Marketplace in Blue Hill.

Imagine a location where you could go with your pet, wash and groom it without having to muscle it into a tub or chase it around the the entire house when he or she is dripping wet and wanting to do nothing but shake.

This, according to the manufacturer,  is every dog owner’s dream and a reality with self serve dog washing stations. A self-contained, fully functional pet wash building offers self serve dog grooming and washing solutions conveniently and comfortably.

This summer, you can see and hear what Chuck and Belinda has to say about their newest addition at Tradewinds. Not only have they added this service as a convenience for their customers, see what Chuck has to say about some of the proceeds from the Pet Wash. (video and page content courtesy of All Paws Pet Wash and YouTube)